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I’m passionate about finding ways to simplify comprehension instruction and learning. I’m concerned that we are defining comprehension too narrowly as an accumulation of five or six meta-cognitive strategies when cultivating comprehension involves so much more than that. We need to help children acquire accurate fluent reading skills and strategies; build background knowledge; develop their oral language and vocabulary; make reading-writing connections, and acquire a repertoire of meta-cognitive strategies to use as and if needed.

So I invite you to join me in blogging about this ever-so-important topic. I look forward to hearing your ideas, teaching strategies, book recommendations, classroom stories, etc., basically anything that will inspire a healthy conversation among colleagues.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Podcast Invitation

A couple of weeks ago Franki Sibberson, co-author of Beyond Leveled Books, interviewed me about how I select books for instruction and how I help students make smart and thoughtful book choices for independent reading. This interview, now a podcast “Sharon Taberski on Book Choice” and its accompanying transcript, is available on the Choice Literacy website. I hope you enjoy it.

And by the way…be prepared to spend more time than you anticipated browsing the Choice Literacy site. It's chocked full of amazing teaching ideas. 

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